Tom Kellner photoTom Kellner is a Doctoral candidate at the Department of Hebrew Literature at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and a guest researcher at the Department of Philosophy and Humanities, Freie Universität Berlin. Her PhD research focuses on Poetics and Ideology in Yoel Hoffmann’s Works. Hoffmann is an Israeli professor of literature and eastern philosophy, and a writer of very unique and complex prose, influenced by Zen-Buddhism as well as western philosophy.

In her research, Tom explores the literary appearances of Zen-Buddhist meditations on the Self and on the nature of language as an interesting and challenging opposition to western literary conventions. Furthermore, these Buddhist notions may convey a political potential as a way of counteracting notions of hierarchy and stability, and opposing the western Capitalization and Commoditization of the Self.

Tom would be very happy to be introduced to more examples of western literature engaged with Zen-Buddhism, and to take part in a dialogue on Buddhist ethics and its relations to state-power and state-violence. By doing so, she hopes to broaden her discussion of the interrelations and literary representations of the Self, “reality” and language.

zen-for-nothingWe are pleased to inform you about the premiere of the documentary film Zen for Nothing by Werner Penzel. The film takes place on the west coast of Japan, at the remote Zen monastery Antai-ji to which zazen was brought by the well known Japanese Sōtō Zen teacher Kodo Sawaki (1880-1965). Unlike most Japanese Zen monasteries, the center is open for both men and women and has modern additions such as available wireless internet. Zen for Nothing follows Sabine Timoteo, a young Swiss woman through the practices and lifestyle at Antai-Ji monastery, including zazen meditations, agricultural work and daily rituals.

The film will be premiering at the beginning of June, 2016 throughout Germany and Switzerland. For more information visit: http://www.zorrofilm.de/index.php?id=151

CRBS Vol. 18The Geumgang Center for Buddhist Studies, based at the Geumgang University in South Korea, has issued a call for papers for the Critical Review for Buddhist Studies journal. The center focuses on the “Inspection of the Cultural Processes of Formation, Transformation and Reception with regard to the Buddhist Classical Languages and their Texts.” Articles concerning textual studies on Buddhism are welcomed, as are more general articles covering Indian, Tibetan and East Asian Buddhism as well as book reviews. Though the Critical Review for Buddhist Studies is often multi-lingual, only submissions in English have been requested. For more details or information, contact criticalreviewforbs@gmail.com or refer to their Call for Papers submitted to: https://networks.h-net.org/node/6060/discussions/118112/cfp-critical-review-buddhist-studies-crbs.

poster_mathes_mai2016-sDear all,

This is a reminder that the Buddhist centre Bodhicharya is organising a weekend seminar with Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mathes (University of Vienna). The seminar is entitled:

“Maitrīpas (986–1063)
Madhyamaka des ‘Nicht-gegründet-seins’ (Apratiṣṭhāna)”

Time: May 13-16, 2016:
Friday, May 13th: 7:30-9:30pm
Saturday-Monday, May 14-16th: 11am-1pm and 3-5pm

Location: Bodhicharya Deutschland e.V., Kinzigstr. 25–29, 10247 Berlin

Check the homepage for more information (in German).

Dear all,
A recent call for papers from the Center for Contemporary Buddhist Studies might be of interest to you. Held at the University of Copenhagen, the conference on “Buddhism, business and economic relations – in Asia and beyond” will take place October 12–14, 2016.

The closing date for submissions is the 15th of May 2016. Check the homepage and the event page for more information and update.

Dear all,

We would like to call your attention to the upcoming workshop on:

“Buddhist Tourism in Asia
Sacred Sites within Global Networks”

Time: April 9-10 2016

Location: Oregon State University

The event is hosted by the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion and the conference program can be found here.

bodhicharya-berlinDear all,

This is a reminder that a public lecture of Prof. Dr. Jens Schlieter (Bern University) will take place this week. He will speak on:

“What the Texts tell us about the Buddha:
The Buddha’s Skillful Means during Crisis and Conflict”


Going beyond the usual life depictions of the historical Buddha, the presentation will point out less familiar aspects of Buddha’s personality referred to in the scriptures – his attitude towards competing Ascetics and Brahmans, his political stance, the skillful application of his teachings, or his position towards violence. This will include his personal transformation of existential experiences and physical pain.

Time: 7–9pm, Friday, February 5, 2016

Location:  Deutschland e.V., Kinzigstr. 25–29, 10247 Berlin, Meditationsraum 1 (M1)

For more information (in German) click here.